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To inspire, Educate, and Enrich Family and Community through Scripture and Faith in our one True Lord Jesus Christ.


In addition to weekly and monthly activities held within the church, St. Peter hosts, and participates in community events throughout the Warwick Valley.


Through mission work and community outreach, St. Peter enriches the Warwick Valley Area and spreads the word of the Lord.

St. Peter Lutheran Church

A Brief History of St. Peter

On February 11, 1898, land was purchased and soon thereafter a church was started at the present location of St. Peter. By June 5, 1901, the congregation was incorporated. At first, there were just German services, but in later years, English services were also held every Sunday. Christian Day School was held from 1910 to 1933. The original church burned down on Christmas Eve of 1917 and the present edifice was erected in 1918. The Ladies' Aid organization was begun in 1929, and is still active to this date. Luther Hall and Sunday School rooms were added in 1969.

-Taken from text by Susan M. Yungman

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